Stuck in a Dilemma - Eye Strain Caused by Ptosis

I went in with a revision with my original surgeon but alas he told me after that he is very conservative in correcting ptosis. The reason I got the revision ptosis repair was because my left eye was experiencing a lot of strain! otherwise I would have waited until winter break. He predicts that the eyelid when swelling is gone will rest a tiny bit (0.25mm) above the pupil, whereas before it rested about 1.5mm below the pupil. Should this at least help the eyestrain until more ptosis repair?

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Revision ptosis repair

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This is a tough one without photos.  I could generally say that you could revise this again but with an inner-layer technique called a Putterman procedure.  If your eyelid isn't corrected after healing then you could have this performed with minimal down time and anywhere from 2 to 3 mm of correction.

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