What is Best Method for Removing Scar on Forehead?

I have got a hurt from racket while playing,on left eyebrow verically. My doc preffered 6 stiches for that. Now I am worried it may remain as scar permanenet. I want to know which is the best way to get rid of that scar,medically and in non surgical methods.

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Forehead scar

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Most traumatic lacerations, if properly repaired, will heal quite well.  However, the nature of the injury, amount of damaged tissue, and the patient's natural healing process, all affect the scar quality.  You should allow sufficient time for healing and scar maturation to assess the quality of the scar before addressing any concerns regarding revisions.  Scars will generally continue to improve in appearance over a period of months to 2 years.  If it is still within this time period, you may use silicone strips or other silicone based products to aid in the scar appearance, as well as avoiding significant sun exposure to the area of the scar.


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