Had Upper Bleph Done 6/12/13. When to Correct Asymmetry After Eyelid Surgery? (photo)

Left Eyelid Was Corrective from a 2010 Procedure. After 9 weeks, asymmetry is even more noticeable,right eyelid is 8mm and left eyelid is 10 1/2mm!!!!.Consulted an ophthalmologist/surgeon and he said that my ptosis is minimal, the issue was that the cut was done to high over the fold. I also consulted another PS and he stated that the procedure must be done after a min. of 6 months but the ocular surgeon stated in one more month. Which one is it? Thanks!

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Brow ptosis sometimes confused for asymmetric eyelid surgery.

Lift your right eyebrow up slightly and see if this corrects the problem. If so you may need a modified subcutaneous brow lift which is a simple procedure that could be done immediately.

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Timing of Eyelid asymetry correction.

Your photos do show some ptosis of the eyelids but also your right eyebrow is lower than the left side.  A simple sub cutaneous brow lift under local anesthesia could improve the upper lid asymmetry and make the folds of your upper eyelids more symmetrical.  You may still need some revision and refinement of the upper lids but I would want at least 4 months to be sure all the swelling is gone and the tissues have softened and you are at an endpoint in healing and tissue positioning.

Jeffrey M. Darrow, MD
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Need a brow lift not more eyelid surgery

The symmetry of your upper eyelids has improved between your two post operative photographs.  Your biggest problem is that you eyebrow are low.  To achieve any more improvement you definitely need a brow lift.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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Due to how much improvement you have had in the last 3 weeks, I would recommend waiting longer.

You should have as little surgery as possible even though you are anxious to heal and move on.  I see a number of issues with your eyelid surgery including the ptosis.  However you also need a more precise blepharoplasty to better structure the eyelid and possible a forehead lift.  It appears your eyebrows have fallen since the surgery.  I would recommend getting more opinions.  In Florida, there are a number of surgeons who offer corrective surgery after blepharoplasty including Willam Mack and Mike Patipa.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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