Uneven Eyes, Jaw Lines and Neck Bulges? (photo)

Went for upper/lower bleph & neck lift. Lower bleph was not done as the DR stated that I was bleeding too much too risk it. I appreciate that, better safe than sorry. I noticed asymmetry & issues with neck bulges, was told t wait in several occasions. How long do I have to wait? He even injected botox on the left brow to lower it as he said it was the brow and not the lid. I measured the lids and left is 11 and the right is 9 1/2! It has been 4 1/2 months and the asymmetry is still very visible.

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Assymetry post neck/upper lids

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The assymetry in your neck could be due to scar tissue or possibly uneven removal of fat.Did he liposuction your neck?This could be due to that and may need attention a bit later.It looks like your right brow is a little lower than your left and this may or may not resolve.I would go back to your doc to have him evaluate.

Asymmetric eyes from ptosis

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I cannot comment on the whole face but you appear to have upper eyelid ptosis (droopiness) along with the lower lid bags, and may benefit from upper lid ptosis surgery. See an oculoplastic surgeon for evaluation.

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