Struggling to Breath Through Nose?

I am 16/17 this month, few a couple of years now my nose has been a little bent but i had no problem breathing, it wasnt till about 9months ago when i started to struggle breath through one nostril it effect me is many ways specially because i havent slepted properly in months! i always wake up duering the night...sometime i wake up in pain and my nose starts bleeding...also its as if my steptum if drooping over my top lip but it is coming out the left side of my nose causing alot of pain.

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Struggling to Breath Through Nose?

You sound like you are having progressive breathing issues which would be best taken care of by first having a thorough exam inside and out by a board certified surgeon who specializes in nasal surgery. Bleeding can occur for many reasons such as prior trauma, dryness, polyps or some type of vascular lesion. Again, a good examination will help to discern which one it is. It sounds like part of your septum is displaced and protruding and would need to be fixed. Find a respectable board certified nasal surgeon and have an examination and they will guide you through the process.

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Nasal Bleeding And Difficulty With Nasal Breathing


It seems that your best bet is to have your nose examined by an ENT and/or a facial plastic surgeon to determine the cause of your symptoms.

After that, solutions will be planned to help you with your current situation.

I hope this helps.

The best of luck to you.

Dr. Sajjadian


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Difficulty with Nasal Breathing

You need to see an ENT or facial plastic surgeon to examine you and determine the cause of your nasal obstruction. Medical treatment may improve function but will not change the appearance of your nose.

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