Structural Reorientation Vs. Camoflaging In Septorhinoplasty? (photo)

Rhinpolasty/septoplasty in 2002 (closed). Surgeon used the "camoflaging," technique whereby the deviation is not corrected per se, but merely hidden through use of spreader grafts. I'm very upset that this was done because (1) the underlying problem was not addressed and (2) it looks bad in photos because the nose bridge was naturally made wider due to the use of grafts. I want to get a revision surgery to get septum fixed structurally (not smoke and mirrors BS) and bridge narrowed...thoughts

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Structural Reorientation Vs. Camoflaging In Septorhinoplasty?

  Yes, this is what I mean by understanding and following the proper aesthetics of facial (and nasal) beauty.  IMO, the use of spreader grafts always make the nose appear wider aesthetically and as such I do not use them during Rhinoplasty.

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Rhinoplasty and grafting

Grafting and/ or spreader grafts can work well for many nasal corrections.  However, your nose would benefit from osteotomies and straightening of the nasal tip.  This would correct the actual problem and not camouflage it.  Best wishes.

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Structural Reorientation Vs. Camoflaging In Septorhinoplasty?


Spreader grafts can be therapeutic for internal nasal valve collapse if they are placed between the upper lateral cartilage and septum. If a graft is just placed for camoflouging a deviation then functionally you will not breath better. Also the septum should be addressed if it is deviated and obstructs your breathing. Cosmetically the nasal bridge can be narrowed.



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Septal reconstruction vs. spreader grafts

It's a shame the spreaders didn't work, often times they do quite well but I see a couple of things in your nose.  I think your nasal bones needed to be shifted to the right slightly by way of osteotomies and the septum reconstructed or spreaders placed.    In any case, this time around make sure the slight slant of the nasal bones is addressed and I'd go ahead with the open septal reconstruction.  I see you're in New York.  There's many excellent rhinoplasty surgeons there but the absolute king of this kind of work to me would be Dean Toriumi in Chicago, IL.  Best of luck.  Chase Lay, MD


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