Strong Tissue More Likely To Lead to CC?

I recently had 339C Natrelle Style 15 unders. I am exactly two weeks post-op. Healing seems to be going well, except for the fact that I may have over-exerted myself after six days (House work, kids, etc, still tight/high). Anyways, my PS made a comment that I have very STRONG tissue. He meant that often a patient's tissue will easily come apart while operating, but my tissue is tough/strong (which he said was a great thing). However, will having strong/stubborn tissue make me more prone to CC?

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Muscle tone and capsular contracture

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Muscle tone, "tough and strong" tissue, is not related to breast implant capsular contracture and is not a separate risk factor.

Risk for Capsular Contracture?

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Thank you for the question.

There is no evidence that breast implant encapsulation  risk correlates with any “type” of patient tissue. Hopefully this will not occur in your case and you will enjoy the results of the breast augmentation surgery for many years.

Best wishes.

"Strong tissue" and capsular contracture not related

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The idea is an interesting one, and the causes of capsular contracture are not well understood, however we have found no link to "strong tissue" and capsular contracture.

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