Strip Scar Repair Question? (photo)

I have a transplant scar that I would like to repair. The issue is it is indented on the left and the right sides. The width is not the biggest issue as it is fairly thin. What brings notice to it is the indention on each side. It is also a lighter color then the rest of the skin though fortunately it is not milky white. My #1 priority on this scar is to try to level it out. The right side is far worse then the left as the indention is about twice as long and three times as wide.

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Strip Scar Repair Question?

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The scar at your hair transplant donor site can be improved. This would involve a scar revision where the puckered or indented portion of the scar would be surgically removed and very carefully repaired to create a smoother contour. If you're going to wear your hair very short, the narrow, flat portion of the scar can be further improved with medical camouflage tattooing. I hope this information is helpful.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

Weber Facial Plastic Surgery

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