Strictly Permanent Solutions for Non-existent Upper Lip? (photo)

As you can see my upper lip is extremely thin and gives me a manly appearance. I want a permanent solution and I guess implants is what I will go for. Since I want results to be visible I am afraid my surgeon will 'over-do'. Is there any precautions I should take or speak about anything to my surgeon about? I heard the location at which the implant is put in makes a difference... Thank you in advance

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Vermilion Advancement for Very Thin Upper Lip

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An implant or any type of filler is not going to give you a much fuller lip, all that will od is make it stick out. You have have enough vermilion show to make any filling concept work. Your permanent solution for a very thin upper lip is a vermilion advancement. This can make your upper lip just about any size and it will be permanent.

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