Will Stretched Skin from Pregnancy Make Breast Augmentation Recovery Less Painful?

I have had 2 kids and breast fed both, therefore my breast tissue has already been stretched to the size I hope to be after my breast augmentation, will recovery be less painful?

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Stretched skin from pregnancy will not lessen surgery pain.

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Most implants are placed under the muscle into a pocket.  Although your skin may be stretched, under the muscle has not.  Implants look more natural when placed under the muscle. 

Skin envelope laxity does not lessen recovery after breast augmentation

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Your recovery will be very similar whether or not you have laxity in your skin envelope. Much of the recovery from breast augmentation is a due to the manipulation of the pectoralis major muscle, if the implants are placed under the muscle. Even with this discomfort, the recovery after breast augmentation is very tolerable for most patients. 

Streched skin

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It's not so much the skin that causes the pain after breast aug but the muscle release.  If your breast tissues (ligaments and all) have stretched so much that the skin tore in the form of a stretchmark, then the implants have a great chance of looking more natural.  The technique that is used will determine your recovery, not so much if you have skin stretchmarks for not.


Recover from breast augmentation after pregnancy

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Stretching of breasts from pregnancy may or maynot have an effect on post operative pain.  More importantly is the placement of the implant. If under the muscle, no effect.  If above the muscle, you may have slightly less discomfort due to the fact that the skin is stretched, but how could you know vs. no pregnancies?  On the other hand, when over, the pain is not that bad to begin with.

Hopefully, you will not need a lift, giving your stretched breasts.



Post operative pain after breast augmentation

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Although post operative pain is variable I think that laxity of the skin may lead to somewhat less pain after breast augmentation.  Be sure that your surgeon reviews with you all the options for pain control after breast augmentation up to and possibly including pain pumps.  Also I routinely prescribe Valium as a muscle relaxant to decrease the likelihood of muscle spasms after sub-muscular placement of the implants.

Discomfort after breast augmentation

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Most of the discomfort patients feel after submuscular breast augmentation, is related to stretching of the muscle. There is indeed, some skin stretching that also takes place during your recovery, but most of your discomfort will not come from that.  So although you have breast fed and there is laxity of your breast tissue, this will have little effect on your recovery.

Breast augmentation discomfort

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The discomfort is primarily from stretching the muscles and yours haven't been stretched.  The recovery is variable but those who are calm, and think positively really have no trouble.

After pregnancy breast augmentation seems less painful.

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Post pregnancy surgery seems to be less painful for most patients.  Unsure if this is due to the patient being able to tolerate pain better. Or if there is a physiological reason(stretched skin, change in hormones etc).  After pregnancy most woman are back to work in 2-4 days after a standard breast augmentation.



Good luck and thank you for your question.




Anire Okpaku MD

Anire Okpaku, MD FACS
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Pain after breast augmentation

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I agree with my colleges. The pain and discomfort after breast augmenation is totally dependent on the location of the implant. If under the muscle, then most of the discomfort if from the submuscular dissection.  If your implants are under the breast tissue then most patients have less pain as the muscle is left alone.  Your pregnancy status will not affect that much.

Delio Ortegon, MD
San Antonio Plastic Surgeon
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Post Operative Discomfort with a Breast Augmentation

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The discomfort experienced after having a submuscular Breast Augmentation is associated with placing the implant under the muscle. So unfortunately having laxity in the skin will not affect your discomfort level in any way.

Bernard A. Shuster, MD, FACS
Hollywood Plastic Surgeon

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