Can a Mini Tummy Tuck Remove Saggy Skin Under my Belly Button?

I have very bad stretch marks and while I hate them, the bit that I hate more is the wrinkles and saggy skin under my belly button.

I understand a full TT (Tummy Tuck) would correct most of my concerns but I'm not sure I could live with such a large scar. Therefore, I was wondering, if I could live with the stretch marks can a mini tuck get rid of the wrinkly, saggy skin under my belly button?

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Saggy Skin Under Belly Button

“Mini” tummy tucks can benefit patients who have a small amount of excess skin and fat or protruding of the lower abdomen, so yes this might be a good option for you. See a board certified plastic surgeon to be sure.


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If you’re only concerned about the skin below your belly button, then a mini tummy tuck may be sufficient. However, please note that the scar may be just as long from hip to hip, depending on how much correction is performed.

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Probably yes

A mini tummy tuck is really designed to get rid of the loose skin under the belly button. Have a consultation and see if you need repair to the abdominal wall. 

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Mini tummy tuck?

A mini tummy tuck only targets the area below the navel and does not really affect above therefore it may be suitable for you. Please see an experienced board certified plastic surgeon to confirm suitability.

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Mini Tummy Tuck & Saggy Skin

Pregnancy can create dramatic changes in a women’s body.  These changes are especially noticeable in the abdomen where the fat, muscles and skin are all effected.  It’s not unusual to see weakened muscles, fat accumulation, loose saggy skin and stretch marks following pregnancy.

A variety of treatment options exist for patients with abdominal changes following pregnancy.  These procedures need to be individualized based on the patient’s specific anatomic deformity.

Unfortunately without pictures, or the ability to perform a physical examination, it’s impossible to know which option is best for you.  In your case, the procedure that is chosen will depend on the specifics of your anatomic deformity.

In some cases where diffuse fatty deposits occur in the abdominal wall, liposuction is the treatment of choice.  When patients have weakened muscles, redundant saggy abdominal skin and stretch marks, some type of abdominoplasty is usually necessary.

When the loose skin and weakened muscles are confined to the area beneath the umbilicus, a mini-abdomioplasty may be possible.  When larger amounts of excess skin are present, or when more significant muscle weakness occurs a full abdomioplasty may be necessary.  The majority of patient’s will require a full abdominoplasty.  Although mini abdominolasty is performed, it’s less frequently indicated.  If your excess skin is confined to the area beneath the umbilicus, you may be a good candidate for mini abdomioplasty.

It’s important that you consult with a board certified plastic surgeon.  After a physical examination, your surgeon should be able to formulate a treatment plan that is appropriate for you.

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Mini Tummy Tuck Helps Remove Excess Skin Between Belly Button & Pubic Bone

The ideal candidate for a mini tummy tuck is a person who has excess skin localized between the belly button and the pubic bone.Normally, in the performance of a mini tummy tuck, the abdominal wall is liposuctioned also.If the excess ski is localized to the area between the bellybutton and the pubic bone, a mini tummy tuck should give a satisfactory result.

For a simple and illustrated explanation of tummy tuck and body contouring procedures, watch my video.

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Tummy Tuck Options

Thank you for you question.    It is difficult to give accurate recommendation without an in office exam.  When I evaluate the abdomen, I assess:
1.  The amount of loose skin

2.  The volume of fatty tissue
3.  The degree of muscle laxity.

I evaluate this in each of 3 areas:
1.  Upper Abdomen

2.  Area around the Belly Button
3.  Lower Abdomen

MINI TUMMY TUCK: If a patient has loose skin, fatty tissue, and muscle laxity limited to the Lower Abdomen, then I recommend the mini tummy tuck.  In order to qualify for this, the patient must have good skin and muscle tone in their upper abdomen and area around the belly button.   I will frequently perform liposuction of these areas with my Mini Tummy Tuck to enhance the overall contour.

FULL TUMMY TUCK:  this is for patients who have loose skin and muscle laxity of the upper abdomen, belly button area, and lower abdomen.   This procedure tightens all 3 areas with a bikini line incision.   I often encorporate liposuction with my full tummy tuck as I feel it offers a superb end result.
EXTENDED TUMMY TUCK:  This works well for patients who have loose skin that extends over the hip bone into the flank area.   I will perform extensive liposuction and skin excision to the hip and flank area combined with full tummy tuck.

BODY LIFT/BELT LIPECTOMY:  this is essentially a 360 degree tummy tuck which involves removal of loose skin and fatty tissue of the lower back and buttocks, in addition to the extended tummy tuck.
I wish you a safe recovery and amazing result!!

Dr. Gill

Paul S. Gill, MD
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Mini tummy tuck. Option for sagging skin?

hard to say without a photo or exam.  The mini tummy tuck is good for extra skin under the belly button. For skin above the belly button, belly button issues, separated muscles, excess skin above the belly button, a full tummy tuck is usually better.  Please seek out a board certified plastic surgeon. Together, you will come up with a plan to achieve your goals.

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Mini tummy tuck for sagging skin...

A mini tummy tuck is an good procedure to remove loose, saggy skin underneath your naval, and also will improve stretch marks.  The length of the incision involved in a mini tummy tuck will depend of the amount of skin that needs to be removed but still has moderate length to it.  The incision is smaller then the full tummy tuck, but the important thing is the position of the scar and the manner in which the procedure is performed.  A full tummy tuck will give a better overall result and if the incision is placed within the bikini line and heals great, you will be happy.  However, the mini tummy tuck is still an excellent option if you are the right candidate because you will not need to reposition the belly button.  Be sure to see a board certified plastic surgeon to determine which procedure is better for you.

Shain A. Cuber, MD
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Mini-tummy tuck does not mean mini incision

The length of the incision to deal with the skin below the umbilicus does not mean the scar is much shorter.  The word "mini" in a mini-tummy tuck describes the amount of repositioning of skin and incomplete or no muscle repair.

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