Stretch Marks with Pregnancy After a Lipectomy?

I have had 2 c-sections and a ventral hernia repair with mesh. While I had the hernia repair I had a lipectomy below the navel. It has been 3 years since the lipectomy . I had no stretch marks with the c- sections, but just a little loose skin and pouch. What are the chances I would have stretch marks if I were to get pregnant? Is the skin elasticity the same as it would have been before the lipectomy ? Thanks so much

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Stretch Marks with Pregnancy After a Lipectomy?

Since you suggest that you did not have stretch marks with prior pregnancies, then you are in a good position to not have them in the future.  There are still many variables to what may happen in the future including that the skin is older, the rate of growth of the baby may be faster than previous pregnancies, etc. that may still cause you to get the stretch marks.  Work with your prior surgeon and get more answers after a formal examination of your skin.  Best wishes.

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Stretch Marks with Pregnancy After a Lipectomy?

By lipectomy I am not sure if you mean removal of just fat as the term usually is used, or if skin were removed.

Either way, if you got no stretch marks for previous c-sections, the chances are you will not get them with another. What you may get is a recurrence of abdominal wall laxity and skin laxity, but that all could be fixed if it occurs. 

Thanks for your question, best wishes.

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Ventral Hernia and Pregnancy

With your history of a ventral hernia repair, I would be more concerned about a hernia recurrence than stretch marks with a future pregnancy. I recommend following up with the surgeon who performed your hernia repair to ask if it would be a good idea to become pregnant again.

Thanks for your question. Best wishes!


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