Options For Stretch Marks 6 Years After Abdominoplasty (photo)

I had an abominoplasty approximately 6 years ago. A couple of months ago I noticed new stretch marks(as seen on pictures). I am going to see an gastroenterologist hoping to find out the bloating and extreme discomfort on my lower tummy. This bloating caused the stretch marks. I am seeking advise on what to do with this newly formed stretch marks. Considering a mini tummy tuck but don't believe I have loose sking for this procedure. Lasers have minimal improvement on stretchmarks. HELP!!!

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Stretch marks after TT

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You do not have enough excess tissue to remove the stretch marks. I would not consider surgery.  Unfortunately no good treatment is available on the market. Whether a non-invasive method works is a matter of very careful patient selction. I wish I had more to offer. Good luck.

A revision tummy tuck would remove only a small amount of skin

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Thank you for the question and photos.  Managing the stretch marks with excision of the soft tissue through some type of tummy tuck procedure would remove only a small portion of the stretch marks.  From the photos it does not appear in my opinion to be a good investment of time and funds.

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New stretch marks after tt

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Stretch marks are very frustrating.

Currently, we have very little that we can do for them.  Lasers give only a slight improvement.  Retin-A cream may help, a little.  Your photos show that you have little extra skin to remove, so surgery isn't the answer either.

You are doing the right thing to investigate the underlying cause of your bloating and other symptoms.

Sadly, other than waiting for the stretch marks to fade, there isn't a good answer.  Sorry.

Stretch Marks after Tummy Tuck

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Thank you for the pictures. You are right, there is not enough skin to do a mini tummy tuck. Also, a mini tummy tuck would not get rid of stretch marks around or above the umbilicus.

Stretch Marks after Tummy Tuck?

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Thank you for the question.

Unfortunately,  given your past surgical history and your current results after tummy tuck surgery I do not think there is much to do about these stretch marks.  In my opinion, there are no effective laser or other modalities.  Hopefully the appearance of the stretch marks will diminish with time.

I do however think you're doing the right thing by working up the “loading and extreme discomfort” you are experiencing around the lower abdomen.

Sorry I cannot be of more help.

Best wishes.

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