Can Stress Affect my Eyebrow Transplants?

I had my eyebrow transplant 3 days ago and today was my first day of work. There I had alot of mental stress today I was almost going crazy. Can this kind of stress affect my hair follicles or could this causes anything bad because the transplant is only a few days ago. I'm very worried now!

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Stress After Eyebrow Transplant

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Standard work day stress should not have any effect on your eyebrow transplant. The stress that causes hair loss is usually due to some severe emotional or physical trauma, such as a death in the family or a major surgery.

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Highly unlikely.

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Acute mental anguish or stress activates adrenergic system of our body which can raise the heart rate and blood pressure. However, these effects are transient and do not affect the healing process.

So, unless you knitted your brows really hard and lost a graft or two, it is unlikely that this work stress is going to ruin your transplant. So relax; follow your post-op regime and they will all pop in time.

Sharad Mishra, MS, MCh
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Eyebrow treansplant

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...In some cases stress can have negative medical effects. However , in my experience with eyebrow transplants, unlike scalp hairloss and shock loss, stress does not seem to be a significant factor in the quality of transplant take. If you are careful with the transplanted area and keep the grafts moist you should do fine even if you have gone back to work. Follow your doctors advice and relax.

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