What Can Be Done to Strengthen Weak Abdominal Walls in an Older Male Who is Not Overweight?

Iw am a 68 year old male. I am 5'11" and weigh @198lbs. I exercise regularly. I have noticed that my abdominal walls have weakened giving me a bloated look. I used to do situp daily. I also was diagnosed with a diaphragmatic evantration. My doctor said there is no surgical procedure that would adequately repair these problems and provide a comfortable abdomen. I do experience some discomfort when pressure is applied to my abdomen.

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Exercise and balanced healthy diet and not surgery is required to strengthen muscles

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Surgeries don't strengthen muscles.  Surgery only repairs muscles when repair is needed. Surgeries reposition muscles when they are out of anatomical position but only exercise and diet within limits of genetic make up of a person strengthen and build muscles.

Your doctor has informed you correctly.

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