4 Years Post-Op Breast Augmentation the Skin Over One Breast has Stretched Out More, Is this Normal?

I had breast augmentation about 4 years ago but soon after my surgery i notice that one breast is standing firm and the other one looks as if the skin stretched..it's hanging more then the other and this is really a concern. Any suggestions?

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Breast augmentation differences

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Breast asymmetry is normal, and one breast always is a bit narrower thant the other. This can lead to a tighter breast on  one side.  As for sagging, this can happen over time. Without an exam it is hard to further comment.

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Skin stretching 4 years after breast augmentation

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It is normal for the skin of the breast to give over time and stretch, with or without implants, leading to a hanging breast or ptosis.  Many women need a breast lift to tighten the skin.  Your plastic surgeon would be able to examine you to determine how best to address your ptosis and assymetry.

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Breast Asymmetry 4 years after Breast Augmentation?

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Thank you for the question.

My suggestion would be to follow-up with your plastic surgeon or another well experienced board-certified plastic surgeon for for direct examination.  There are many reasons for you to be experiencing breast asymmetry for years after breast augmentation;  the cause and treatment of the breast asymmetry can only be determined after a full history and physical examination is performed.

Best wishes.

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