Do I have stretch marks? (Photo)

Wonder if posible to have strech marks after tummy tuck because just noticed a new red lines around my belly button, my stomag is flat

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Stretch marks after tummy tuck

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Thank you very much for your enquiry, I think the answer to this is yes you do have stretch marks around the tummy button and these are essentially tears in the underlying tissues of the skin and generally are not that well treated with surgery.
If you are concerned about them it may be worthwhile popping in to see your surgeon to discuss treatment options for them.
Best wishes.

Stretch marks post tummy

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These look like stretch marks and it all depends on where and how many you had pre op.This is not uncommon post tummy tuck.everyone gets usually a few stretch marks and soem women will get a significant number.

Do you have stretch marks after tummy tuck

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It is very unlikely that your tummy tuck would create new stretch marks.  I have never seen this happen and 31 years.

Most likely the stretch marks that you see our ones that you had before surgery that have simply been moved down and into the skin around your belly button.  Most of the stretch marks ICR quite which indicates they are old.  This early after surgery the inflammation caused by surgery could cause  older stretch marks to appear more pink or red.

Do I have stretch marks?

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It would be unusual but anything is possible. Only IN PERSON examinations allow a better response... 

Sometimes there are stretch marks after tummy tuck

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Your stretch marks were likely higher up on your abdomen and were moved down, and they were most likely not caused by your procedure. As as your swelling goes away, they may change in appearance. 

Stretch marks...

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Yes, you do have stretch marks, however, they were most likely there before surgery and have now been moved into a new position where they may be more visible.



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