What is minimum width and strength required to have 1 piece dental implant for diabetic patient?

Hi, I have a diabetes. Due to this, I have lost my backside teeth from upper & lower jaws. Currently, I am wearing partial denture but not good to chew the food all the time. If I want to replace 1 piece dental implant at upper and 1 piece at the bottom jaws, what is the minimum width of my gum/bone is required to hold the dental screws and other supportive materials?

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Proper size of implants for replacement of missing teeth

Replacement of your missing back teeth with dental implants require an accurate assessment of number of missing teeth and implants required to restore your bite. Dental implants in the back of the jaws should typically be at least 5 mm in diameter as long as possible with respect to sinus in the upper jaw and nerve in the lower jaw. If bone is inadequate in the upper jaw due to sinus, a simple sinus lift bone graft is recommended to optimize length of implants. If bone is inadequate in the lower jaw due to nerve, then considerations should be given for grafting height if indicated or choose short and wide implants. Your surgeon in collaboration with a restorative dentist should be able to make proper recommendations.

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Dental implants and diabetes

in general, the more controlled your diabetes is the more likelihood you'll have success with dental implants.As far as the size of the dental implant, the rule of thumb for all patients is that the bigger the implant the better. 
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