How to find the best dental implant doctor in the Chicagoland area?

Hi, I have a diabetes. Due to this, I have lost my backside teeth from upper & lower jaws. Currently, I am wearing partial denture but if I want to replace 1 piece dental implant at upper and 1 piece at the bottom jaws, what is the best way to find experience and best practiced dental implant doctor in the Chicagoland area?

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Best Dental Implant Doctor

When researching for a dental implant provider, I would encourage you to ask your doctor for before and after photos, read reviews on the specific procedure you're interested in, and ensure he/she has the proper credentials that match up to the level of care that you require. You can try searching in the AAP for a doctor as well. Good luck with your search!

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Finding the best implant dentists

First, it is important to find a team of implant dentists: A surgeon and a restorative dentist as team approach is vital in achieving success. You may check out online reviews, ask friends who may have had similar procedures, and interview the doctors during a consultation. See link below for detailed information on how to select the right team and what questions to ask:

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Finding a dentist

Hi Sam_pat, usually people go off of recommendation, but perhaps that person has only had dental cleanings.  Several people go to the nearest office with the assumption all dentists are the same.  A now popular method is the Internet. And here you are. The best method is to have a couple of consults & meet the doctors. Ask questions.  Most offices offer free implant consultations, as we currently do.  Also just as important, see examples  of their work .  Doctors should be proud of their work.

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