Strategy for Finding a Doctor Who Has Expertise in Treating Hypertrophied Turbinates?

I've had 5 surgeries for nasal congestion. The last surgery was a month ago. Things are better but I'm still congested. I had asked a similar question 7 months ago and the answer I got was "It's a turbinectomy not brain surgery". To me it seems as if it really is more difficult than brain surgery. Every time my health ins. gets charged $10-20K. I'm extremely stressed. I need a new approach. What strategy should I follow to find a doctor who knows what to do? Distance is not an issue. Thanks.

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Nasal Congestion

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    Nasal obstructive symptoms may be caused by an anatomical issue that can be corrected with surgery and they may not.  Reducing turbinates is not a difficult surgery, but an internal nasal exam would be necessary to determine if they had been adequately treated.  The septal anatomy and internal nasal valves should be inspected.  You need to be evaluated for masses as well.  Medical management for allergic components should be managed as well. 

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