Strange Sensations 6 Years After Breast Implants, What's Causing the Feeling of Fluid and Pressure?

6 years ago I had saline breast implants over the muscle put in, in the past year I have felt what seems like fluid and air underneath my left imlant. When I put slight pressure on it and push it to one side i feel sort of a gurgling and a slight pain ( on a scale of 1 to 10 its like a 1) My breast hasn't gotten any smaller so i don't think its a leak, my breast doesn't feel any harder or softer either. Should i be concerned? Thank you

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Pain after breast augmentation

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The symptoms you describe are unusual, but sound like you might have a serom, or a fluid collection. The "gurglin" sounds that you hear is indicative of something strange going on. We can all speculate as to what may be the reason, but there is no substitute for a prompt visit to your plastic surgeon. Hope this helps. Good luck and fare well.

Fluid around breast implants

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Yes. Return to your plastic surgeon promptly.  This happens but is rare.

You probably need an ultrasound as well as a physical examination. Causes?

  1. A seroma. This is fluid. It may be from an allergy or viral infection. But  usually there is no air. 
  2. An infection. Especially if you had a recent infection anywhere else.Typically you would have more pain.
  3. Lymphoma  - very very rare

Best of luck sorting this out. There is no need to panic but do be checked!


Fluid around breast implant six years after surgery

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The feeling you are describing is very uncommon six years after breast augmentation and maybe due to a seroma. Lately there have been reports of extremely rare type of lymphoma in the capsule of implants that may cause a seroma many years later. I would recommend to see a your surgeon as soon as you can for future evaluation.


Best of luck

Fluid around implant?

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It is unusual to feel/hear a gurgle sound. You may have a fluid collection like a seroma. It is definitely worth checking out.

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New York Plastic Surgeon
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