Strange result of frown lines botox? (photo)

Hello, were my frown lines shots done incorrectly or is my anatomy the cause of this? I've received them 4 days ago and this is how I look when I try to raise my eyebrows. Also the middle of my forehead and my eyebrows feel very tight and heavy and it's giving me headaches. Thank you

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Botox lines

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It is still very soon to see the end result of the injections. Most patients don't see the results of the botox till atleast 7-10 days out. I would wait a little longer and see if some of this doesn't correct itself. It also looks as if the glabella, or between your eyes, is doing exactly as it should and now the other muscles are working harder and may be a little more noticeable since the other muscles are relaxed. Give it a little more time and if you still arent happy in a week go back and see your injector.

Rogers Dermatologic Surgeon
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Botox to frown lines, results look strange

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What's happening is the the area of your frown lines, your glabella, isn't moving. But all the muscles around it are still moving. So it creates a different set of lines and creases. Normally, I wouldn't recommend only a treatment to the glabella because of this, but would rather recommend a full treatment to the glabella, forehead, brows, and crow's feet. It relaxes everything that way and doesn't create weird pulling. The headaches are from certain muscles moving and others not moving at all. Sometimes muscles that work very hard like this work even harder when a nearby muscle isn't moving. Your two choices are to let everything return to normal in the coming months, or go back to your injector and get more Botox into the muscles that are still able to move, getting a full treatment rather than just a partial treatment.

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Strange result of frown lines botox?

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Botox usually takes 7-10 days to fully see result from your treatment, this issue may resolve itself once Botox has settled in

Botox takes a while to work...only been 4 days since your treatment...

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can't judge what the complete result will be...but no reason to assume that when the botox is fully effective in about 10-14 days that you'll be anything other than elated by the results...don't panic...that headaches are more likely from stress over what you see in the mirror, but rest assured the likelihood of a wonderful response is quite high...

Ken Landow, MD
Las Vegas Dermatologist

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