Strange Nipple Shape

Hi, I am concerned about my left nipple and its irregular shape and protrusion. Just had implants and lift. One nipple is good, the other seems to be quite different and concerns me that it may need revision. Its only been three weeks but need to know if anyone would agree there is a slight problem evident at this early stage. Could the sutures be holding the edges and causing problems which will disappear later.Areola looks to be caught under at one point or popping out farther down?Thanks?

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It is too early to make any long term predictions and asymmetric nipples are normal

It is too early to make any long term predictions and asymmetric nipples are normal. This is a complicated operation and you have a good result thus far. Give it at lest 9 months.

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Too early to tell

At such early post-op stages for breast surgery nipple asymmetry is normal due to swelling. It takes about 6 months for complete healing. If you are still concerned 6 months post-op please consult your plastic surgeon.

Chen Lee, MD
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Nipple asymmetry

Nipple asymmetry is normal, but it is too difficult to say at this point. There seems to be a lot of swelling. This may contribute to the asymmetry.

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Strange nipple shape after breast augmentation and lift

You are only three weeks out.  This settling and healing process takes a while.  Most incisions are the most red and raised at four months, they are much better at ten months.  You have large implants and by definition a tight closure.  Give things time to settle before thinking about revision.

Do tell your plastic surgeon your concerns...

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Concerns about nipple shape.

Your question concerns the appearance of the left nipple/areola. It appears constricted and swollen at this time, but you are only 3 weeks out of surgery. I would give it time to resolve before making any final judgments. On a different note, your breast size is very large for your body frame. In fact, the left breast is actually crossing the midline of your chest. Did you have a previous augmentation before the lift? I bring this up because having oversized implants can lead to many problems as the breasts age including tissue thinning and dropping of the breasts.

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Nipple Size/Shape

Irregular nipple shape can occur during breast surgery.  Sometimes the breast tissue beneath the nipple may have a natural puffiness that is retained after surgery.  The more common cenario  is that you have some swelling that needs to settle over the next 3-4 weeks.  Make more definitive judgments about the results starting 3 months after surgery.  Revisions can be accomplished readily as an in office procedure.

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Nipple irregularity after breast augmentation and lift

Normal healing requires several weeks, during which swelling will subside, and the shape and appearance of your breasts and nipples will change. You should always discuss any concerns you have with your plastic surgeon, although revision should most likely be deferred for some time yet.

Olivia Hutchinson, MD
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Nipple shape after surgery

You are very early in the healing process. You have quite large implants and it will take weeks to months to see your final result. I suggest you speak with your plastic surgeon about your concerns but I would not be planning any revision until you have had more time to heal.

I hope this helps

Dr Edwards

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