Strange Lumps on Each Nostril After Rhinoplasty?

Hi there, I had tip rhinoplasty 4 months ago to remove excess cartilage. My surgeon told me when he performed the surgery he had to add more cartilage to correct some flatness inside. Anyway, my splint came off after 8 days and it looked great - a little swollen, but do much better! However, now, I have 2 lumps on either side of my nostrils and my nose looks dented on one side. Is this still the swelling going down slowly or has something gone wrong?

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Strange Lumps After Rhino #nosejob

Most of your swelling should be down by 6 months but it can really take up to a year for all of the swelling to go down. The lumps could be many things and is hard to say without a better description of where the lumps are and an exam. If the lumps re inside you nostrils it could just be residual suture or some overlapping skin from the closure. These usually go away by 4 months. It could also be cartilage you feel if inside the nose. If outside the nose it could be the cartilage beneath the skin. It is just so hard to say without seeing this. I would make sure you go back to your surgeon to get some answers. It is very common to have annoying things like this for sometime post op. Usually by 6-8 months these little things settle down. Scars do remodel for a year so anything goes. Talk to your surgeon. 

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Lumps on nose?

At four months after rhinoplasty most of the swelling should be gone.  As for the two lumps, without an exam it is difficult to say. It cold be the grafts?

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