Strange Hollow in Fat After Coolsculpt, Is that Normal?

Hi, I'm two and half months after Zeltiq. I can see changes on my inner thights - they are definitely slimmer. But quite strangely slimmer - there is "hollow in fat" just where the Zeltiq machine was "sucking" my leg. It's nothing dramatic, but even my masseur did mention it, so it's not my imagination. Is it normal? Will the surface of my thighs be even? I really hope so... Thansk for help.

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Cool Sculpting removes fat, but not artfully.

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This is one reason I have personally elected not to embrace Cool Sculpting in my practice.  Cool sculpting can remove 20 to 25% of the fat in a treated area, however, it is almost never a beautifully sculpted result and does not come close to the beautiful results that can be achieved with liposuction or SmartLipo.

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Hollow post inner thigh CoolSculpting

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This is normal.  Coolscupting causes atrophy (depression or hollowing) of the fat within a given treatment area.  Fat atrophy is visible as a depressed area of the skin to lesser or greater extents depending on the location and placement of the applicator.  If the depression is dramatic and cosmetically unacceptable to you, consider revisiting the provider to discuss your concerns.  Often, additional treatments above and/or below the original site can help smooth out the appearance of a dramatically depressed area of skin.

Fat reduction with CoolSculpting by Zeltiq

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fat reduction can occur homogenously, but theoretically, if there is an individualistic result that creates an asymmetirc or non-homogenous result, it would not be very surprising. unlike liposuction which can be tailored to the individual area, coolsculpting's applicators sucks in the tissue from the region and evenly treats all of them. Some of the adjacent areas might respond differently than others.

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