Strange Feeling Around my Belly Button when Swollen Like Its Being Tugged On. What Can Cause That?

When I get very swollen it feels like something is pulling on my Belly Button on the inside. Very uncomfortable feeling. What or if anything can I do to make it stop?

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Tugging Feeling On Belly Button Post Abdominoplasty

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I see from your other posts that you have had an abdominoplasty and now you have a tugging feeling on your belly button when you swell.  This question obviously is one for your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.  That being said, swelling of this area post surgery might lead a feeling of tugging, and believe it or not, that tugging is on your liver. 

Your belly button has arteries, veins and nerves that come from the liver as this was a route of entry for nutrients from your mother's placenta to your liver when you were inside of her. 

Some people are very sensitive to touching or tugging on the belly button, and some aren't.  If this problem persists early after a tummy tuck, in my practice, I would give my patients a short burst of corticosteroids to decrease the swelling. 

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