Strange Dent Under my Eye After Juvederm Ultra, What is this?

It has been almost a year since I had juverderm ultra injected underneath my eyes to address dark circles that seemed to disappear when pressure was applied underneath. My eyes looked much better than they did for about 6 months and then I started to notice a dent developing under my right eye at 7-8 months. Also, it has been almost a year and this eye is alot smaller than the left. I never in my life had a weak eye nor ANY facial dents. Can anyone tell me what this is?

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Juvederm and dent under eye

If you were happy with the way that your eye looked for six months , my best guess would be that the filler is partially dissolved. leaving you with a dent or that it is fully dissolved , bringing you back to your "natural state". As far as a smaller eye goes, I can not think of what might cause this to seem to be this way unless you have had botox and you are experiencing some unwanted muscle weakness on one side or are raising a lid on the other side. You might be happy when you get some more fillers. 

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Undereye dent after Juvederm Ultra Injection

Hello and thank you for the question.

It would be helpful to see a photograph of your described problem in order to comment on it more accurately.  At 7-8 months, a dent may represent the gradual resorption of the hyaluronic acid that was initially injected.  Again, without knowing the precise injection technique or seeing a photo, my assessment is at best a guess.

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