I Have Strange and Sometimes Painful Nerve Pain After Abdominoplasty, in Non-surgical Part of Body?

There is a side effect I am experiencing: a very sharp nasty nerve pain on the left side of my chestIf I scratch or bump this area the nerve response feels like I'm being bitten by red ants! It also "zaps" me when I reach my left arm across the front of my body. I know there are several side effects neurologically but this one hasn't been on my radar until now. I will be passing this on to my surgeon but am open to responses from the community.

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I Have Strange and Sometimes Painful Nerve Pain After Abdominoplasty

It sounds like a nerve injury of a small probably unnamed sensory nerve. Usually the symptoms resolve without any treatment. If it continues to cause symptoms, you might ask your surgeon about a trial of lidoderm, a topical local anesthetic, or neurontin, an oral medication often useful for nerve pain. 


Thanks for the question, best wishes.

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