Straighten Teeth Without Extractions Possible? Needs Second Opinion. (photo)

Hi - I am 29 year-old healthy female. I received a consultation from an orthodontist. I have crowding, especially in my lower teeth, and the doctor indicated that I might need extractions or oral surgery to straighten my teeth and achieve alignment. I don't need perfectly straight teeth. I just want to straighten my lower front teeth as much as possible. Can I achieve this through invisalign or lingual braces? Traditional braces are out of the question for me. Picture is attached. Thanks!

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Do I need extractions

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Almost always, teeth can be straightened without extractions...but sometimes a better and more stable result can be achieved with extractions.  After going over the pros and cons, if you really want to go without extractions it probably is possible, especially if you are willing to accept a less than perfect result...

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