Recommendations as to How to Approach a Smile Makeover? (photo)

What would be the best option for me , to get a smile makeover. I am willing to invest a lot of time and money to achieve a better smile. What are my options?

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You will need orthodontics as part of your smile make-over

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I need a comprehensive exam with x-rays, models, and pictures to give you a full recommendation, however, based on your  pics, it looks like you'll need orthodontics first to align your teeth and bite. I see some thinning of the inside edges of the uppers and outside edges of your lowers. This may be due to a habit enhanced by improper tooth alignment.  This is also causing uneven wearing of the edges.

I would recommend braces, but if you are completely opposed to bracket/wires, then Invisalign will work  but maybe not as ideal. Once your teeth and bite are aligned, then I would re-evaluate with new pictures and models to see what you would like to achieve. Most likely some conservative veneers would do the trick. If the case is planned properly, these can be done with minimal tooth grinding.

Do not do the smile makeover with out the orthodontics since it would involve agressive tooth grinding and possibly taking out a healthy  tooth.

Good luck

Dr. T

Miami Beach Dentist

Smile make overs can be of two different nature

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Smile make overs can be of two different nature. Purely cosmetic, or functional as well as cosmetic. Yours is not purely cosmetics. You need to seek a reconstructive dentist . One who does full mouth reconstruction, TMJ treatments, and knows about periodontal ( gum and bone) , and orthodontics. Do they exist ? Yeap. I am one of them . Are they inexpensive ? Nope ! But seriously, if you look for bargains you'll go through things twice and pay twice to get it done right, and in the process you'll suffer both physically as well as financially.

Always,always, look at actual before after of the doctor. Ask and look for testimonials.

Now to answer your question. We need a lot more  photos and x- rays to be sure, so please do not hold me to it. But given the info you provided , Your option is ;

1) to go through 18-24 months of orthodontics,and reassess you bite and looks and decide how to go about it- Or

2) extract your lateral tooth, and make a full upper arch make over. 

The advantage of option 1 is saving " one" tooth . Disadvantage? TIME and money. Good luck



Soheyla Marzvaan, DDS
Orange County Dentist

Options for a Smile Makeover

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Your first option and priority should be to seek out a very well trained and experienced cosmetic dentist. Everyone calls themselves a cosmetic dentist, but a truly experienced one will be able to show you many before/after photos of patients he actually treated, not "stock" photos. He will listen to all of your concerns and will fully explain ALL of your options. He should be versed in orthodontics (Invisalign or standard), as well as periodontics (gum issues) and occlusion (the way the teeth meet eachother. These will all have a major role in your treatment plan. One final piece of advice: Don't look for a bargain when purchasing cosmetics or a parachute!

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

When braces need to be done even before a smile makeover discussion

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Sometimes or indeed most time when teeth are stuck behind the bite then I would always recommend braces before looking at the shape of teeth.
The shape of the teeth can always looked at at the end of treatment. The teeth can be whitened and or veneers can be placed depending on your needs or even budget.
Smile makeovers are irreversible but most stars on the TV,cinema and most celebrities do have smile makeovers.
Your teeth should be for life, but sometimes the smile could be improved regardless of your age.

Combining Function and Aesthetics for Smile Makeover

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Hi, thanks for your question.  The mouth is so complex--how the teeth come together, jaw/bone structure, healthiniess of gums/tissues, etc--so much more than what's visible in a picture.  That being said,  meeting with a dentist for a comprehensive examination including x-rays, intraoral photos etc. would be an ideal first step to find out your options, as it varies so much from patient to patient.  From there, a dentist may choose to gather even further information, through use of diagnostic casts--models made of your teeth to further evaluate the ins and outs of your teeth and what would be best-suited for you.  Seeing a dentist trained in neuromuscular dentistry would also help to ensure that you combine the best in terms of function and aesthetics for your smile makeover.  Best wishes to you!

Valle Wilhite Rischer DDS; Fellow, Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Dental Studies

Smile Makeover Recommendations

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I would suggest the following:
1. You need to see an endodontist (root canal specialist) to check status of the nerve of #30 and #31.
2. Your bite needs to be checked on #30 and #31 as well as your TMJ status.
3. Your upper teeth need to be checked as well.

Smile Makeover

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Notice everyone mentions braces or orthodontics.  Based only on what you've given us, if I had your teeth, I would do the same.  It will be worth it in the end if you can keep the teeth intact and re-position the nice teeth that you have.

If you were much older and had stained uneven teeth, cosmetic procedures would move higher up my list.  But you have nice enamel, the teeth are just in the wrong places.

Justin Mund, DDS
Fort Worth Dentist

Lots of Options

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There is no way to give you a definitive treatment plan with the photos you submitted which are very good.  One thing is certain you have lots of options including orthodontics or various cosmetic dentistry options, or most likely a combination of both.  It is not possible to see how your bite is or the health of your muscles and joints.  One thing is certain your arches are narrow and the tongue space is inadequate.  This can be a precursor to problems later in life such as sleep apnea.  Certainly because of the malpositioned teeth and narrow arches an orthodontic consult and treatment option should be seriously considered.  This possibly could accomplsih your smile makeover goal but if not cosmetic dentistry could follow and create the final smile you desire.  If for some reason you do not want to go through orthodontics and your bite allows, veneers could certainly dramatically change your smile.  But you would still have the underlying issues discussed above which may or may not be of concern to you. 

Smile make over. smile design, Prosthodontist.

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Cosmetic dentistry is not a specialty.  It is actually only a small part of restorative dentistry.  There actually IS a specialist in cosmetic dentistry, dental reconstruction, and implants: the Prosthodontist.  A Prosthodontist goes through three (and some more) years of after-dental school training in an accredited university/hospital based program.  Part of the Prosthodontist's training is in coordinating complex treatment plans such as yours with other disciplines of dentistry.

The Prosthodontist will actually recommend that you see an orthodontist first (possibly invisalign) to bring in your right lateral incisor so that it is not in a cross bite relationship as it is now, and position the rest of your teeth properly.  Only then should any consideration be given to porcelain laminate veneers, etc. to give you a "perfect smile" if you so desire.

Looking at your photos, you might be very happy just getting your teeth in the right position with invisalign and might not need extensive restorative work at all.  However, a much better answer can be arrived with a proper examination.

You can search the Internet for a Prosthodontist near you.

Best wishes,

Dr. Zev Kaufman

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