Is it possible to straighten a single slanted front tooth without wearing braces? What options do I have? (photo)

I wore braces for 1yr 1/2. When the orthodontist removed them, he gave me retainers with a spring that was supposed to straighten my upper front tooth. I wore them day and night for a year, and then only at nights but I didn't see any improvement. I switched orthodontist and he gave me a new retainer with more springs, I still don't see any improvement with the front tooth. I'm tired of seeing no improvement of my front tooth? do I have to wear braces again or are there other options? thanks

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Try an Inman Aligner

Not all spring retainers are created equal.  Some may not even move teeth much at all, but an Inman aligner is specially designed for movement.  Even the names imply the purpose: retainers retain, aligners align.

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Correcting slanted front tooth

Your best option may be Invisalign Express at this point.  This should straighten your tooth in less than six months.

Albert Kurpis, DDS
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