Is It Possible to Straighten a Nose and Improve Breathing Problems Without Using a Spreader Graft??

I don't know why anyone would want their nose widened. Do patients actually agree with that and like their appearance afterward? My Dr. used a spreader graft and my nose looks hideous. I look nothing like myself at all!!! It was a revision surgery and he also removed the tip that was on my nose which softened it and made it look cute!!

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Nasal grafts

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Without any before and after photos and details about your surgery there is no way we can comment about your surgery result. When performed properly in the right patient a spreader graft will contribute little to visible bridge width after surgery. The graft itself is in the order of 1 to 2mm in thickness and is placed between the septal and upper side cartilages of the nose. It keeps the internal valve open when it otherwise would collapse and therefore improves nasal appearance when indicated.

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