Is It Possible to Straighten my Teeth Without Surgery?

I have a narrow upper arch and have a skeletal crossbite on my lower jaw which shifts to the right. My front teeth on my arch shift to the left and my lower teeth shift to the right. I was receiving treatment and had an expander for about a year to exapand my upper but my dentist just quit and suggested surgery. I stopped wearing my expander and it has been 6 years. Is it possible for me to just straighten my teeth without surgery? I just want straight front teeth when I smile.

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It may be possible to straighten teeth without surgery

I would have to see you for a counsultation visit but, it certainly may be possible to straighten the front teeth and leave a cross bite in the back. Realize that your bite and function may not be ideal but the front teeth may look better. I have done this on a few cases with Invisalign with excellent result.

It you are over 18yo, expanding the palate will not work without surgery.

Good luck

Dr. T

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Now there are many options to straighten teeth.

Depending on your treatment goals, there can be a number of options available  to straighten your teeth. While skeletal malocclusions which you describe can be problematic to correct posterior crossbites, straightening your front teeth which is your primary concern might be accomplished with Invisalign therapy, a removable non-invasive appliance treatment that I have used for a number of patients in the dilemma you describe Please feel free to contact me or forward photographs if possible to get a clearer understanding oof your particular condition.

Gerry Curatola, DDS
Manhattan Dentist
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Can I straighten my teeth without surgery

Anything is possible, it just depends on what degree of straightening you are willing to accept. Talk this idea over with your orthodontist. If you are willing to compromise on the amount of straightening and correction achieved, you probably can continue without surgery.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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