Straighten, Fix 2 Front Teeth After Implants?

I have implants, it will be 2 years in Sept. My question is since the 2 implants, bridge (left side from 1st tooth all the way back to jaw my 2 front teeth have arched out and seem more buckish and have a slight gap between them, also the 2 front teeth seem to be longer and cover my bottom teeth a little, I did not have this problem before my dental implants, I had braces 20 years ago and I feel the implants although funtional have ruined my smile. The implants are higher in arch,suggestions?

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Implant bridge and anterior crowns

Implant supported restorations replace missing teeth, restore the function in majority of the cases and the esthetics as well. It sounds from your message that space between anterior teeth and implant supported restorations are mostly frustating to you. And there can be a list of problems that possibly can create that. It can be caused by lack of occlusal contact of the bridge with opposing teeth, progressing perio disease or just occlusal trauma, or other factors. You need to get the professional consult by the Prosthodontist who can identify the problems with function, esthetics and current restorations that you have. In such advanced cases like yours the problems with your smile should be diagnosed and discussed with the specialist who can give you options with your tretament and the ways to improve your curent situation.

Moving implants?

Unfortuntately implants are unable to be moved but they do work as great anchors for tooth movement as they are basically fused to the bone.  One option you may have is to move the other teeth and then change the implant crowns.  Good luck

Leonard Tau, DMD
Philadelphia Dentist
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Implant crown fix

From all the situation that you have described, it is very clear that you have few problems going on in your mouth: you are not happy how your tooth look like and your teeth are shifting. My best advise in this situation is that you need to find a restorative dental specialist - Prosthodontist, who will evaluate your bite, position of the teeth, implant crowns and gives you the best professional recommendations of how to treat it. Implants do not move, but if you are not happy with aesthetics of your crowns, they can be redone. Bottom line - please see the specialist.

Zina Kaleinikova, DDS, MS
Cleveland Dentist
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Dental implants don't move

If the desire is to move the implants like how teeth move during braces treatment, the short answer is no.  Implants are fused to the bone and will not move, but they act as fantastic anchors when moving OTHER teeth.  

You will need to see a dentist to evaluate teeth and implant positions, periodontal health and chewing forces.  There may be a simple solution to all of this.

Lance Timmerman, DMD, MAGD
Seattle Dentist
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Dental implants 2 years after crowns.

If I understand the question righ you seem to have an implant supported bridge replacing some teeth on your left side and the teeth on the right side have seemed to shift. If this is the case you need to go back and see your dentist. The implant supported bridge is not movable as the dental implants are fixed in bone. Your other teeth, however, can move and may shift in the presence of unfavorable chewing forces or gum disease. Your best bet is to have a dentist take a look.

Dan Hagi, DDS
Toronto Dentist
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Dental Implants, front teeth

It sounds as though the dentist did not properly inform you of the outcome and to esthetically show you the outcome. If there are differences  that have occued over time, then it may be time for you to replace the bridge and possibly the crowns on the front teeth.  You would be better served to see a dentist who is trained in complex and cosmetic dentistry.  I am sure if yours is, but if not then seek one out.  It will make a difference.  Thank you.

Keith Blankenship, DDS
Jacksonville Dentist

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