Will Septoplasty Correct Smaller/crooked Nostril Too?

i have a straight nose but a crooked septum that makes my left nostril smaller crooked... The septum is pushing my nose to the left and lower than the other nostril. will the septoplasty correct the problem or rinoplasty too??? How much would that cost in nj?

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A deviated septum can cause uneven nostrils

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To answer your question: yes, a crooked septum can cause nostrils to appear uneven. Without seeing photos of your nose it is impossible to say if the cause for your nostrils being uneven is due to a crooked septum. To be more specific-a deviation in the lower edge, or caudal septum, can be seen when looking at the bottom of the nose and can make nostrils appear uneven. If that is all that is wrong with your nose it could be corrected with a caudal Septoplasty-performed either from an open approach or an endonasal incision. The key is find a very skilled surgeon, preferably with a background in Otolaryngology as this diagnosis and correction is pretty complex and often missed by in-experienced surgeons. Hope this was helpful.

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Since there are no pictures, then I think you need a SEPTORHINOPLASTY.

Cost vary. Go with quality not price, correcting a problem from failed surgery is much more expensive.

See Dr. Gary Brownstin in Cherry Hill NJ

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