Is It Possible to Have Straight Invisalign Trays and Still Crooked Teeth?

in the end of the treatment? I have just started Inv treatment. I can see my last trays look very straight and I expect that only straight teeth to be able to fit in them and in the end to be as straight exaclty as the trays. If so why then it's very common to get refinements? Is it because in spite of straight trays the teeth are still not so straight as supposed or it is because the teeth are straight as they should be but the patient is still not satisfied with the real live result?

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Teeth don't always move as planned

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Despite how the aligners are made and how the computer designs the treatment, teeth don't always move as expected.  When that happens, refinements to treatment are needed.

Teeth don't always move as predicted

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During invisalign the teeth despite what the clincheck will show sometimes do not move as predicted and there still needs to be more movement at the end.  That is what refinement is for.


Leonard Tau, DMD
Philadelphia Dentist
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