Strabismus surgery causing eyelid droop (photo)

I had a strabismus repair done on my left eye to correct exotropia and downward amblyopia. This is my third surgery, still have misalignment and was told I'll need another surgery for vertical alignment. Seven weeks out and my eyelid still droops. Should I wait until 6 months to see a ptosis repair surgeon? I had the same ptosis issue with my second surgery 1 year ago. My eyelid is a bit higher than the 2nd surgery, but still drooping. Currently, my right eye's measurement is 13mm, left is 8mm.

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Ptosis after strabismus surgery

The ptotic eyelid may or may not be related to the multiple strabismus surgeries you have done. You can consider eyelid ptosis surgery once you know no further strabismus surgery is going to be done. Also, ideally want to wait 3 months after any eye surgery before doing eyelid surgery. See an oculoplastic surgeon.

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