How do I treat hyperhidrosis? How to get rid of shaving irritation/bumps/ingrown hair?

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Treatments depend on area of involvement

In the armpit area, miraDry can permanently treat hyperhidrosis as well as reduce the need for shaving/ingrown hairs.  miraDry permanently injures sweat ducts, as well as hair follicles.  If any hairs continue to grow after treatment, we can follow with laser hair reduction (if the hairs are dark).

miraDry is not approved for the groin area.  Laser hair reduction will reduce the need for shaving.  Hyperhidrosis in this area is more difficult to treat.  Topical antiperspirants may be effective.

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Treating hyperhidrosis and ingrown hairs

Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating can be treated in multiple different ways depending on various factors. For localized sweating, aluminum chloride preparations applied nightly can be helpful for some people, and botulinum toxin (e.g. Botox) injections can be particularly effective and last 6-12 months depending on the location treated. Ingrown hairs are best avoided ; if you constantly get them and/or always scar with them, laser hair removal to remove the root cause (the hair) makes the most sense.

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Ingrown hair and Sweating

Ingrown hairs can be permanently removed and treated with laser hair removal.  Sweating can be treated with Botox in the axillae.  This combination will help treat excess sweating and ingrown hairs.  Best, Dr. Green

Michele S. Green, MD
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How do I treat hyperhidrosis? How to get rid of shaving irritation and ingrown hairs?

Thank you for sharing your question.  Hyperhidrosis can be effectively treated with Botox to the axilla, while ingrown hairs can be treated with laser hair removal.  Hope this helps.

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Options for hyperhidrosis

Thank you for your question.  If you are referring to hyperhidrosis of the axillae, or underarms, the best options are Botox injections, which last for approximately 4-6 months and need to be repeated several times a year, or the MiraDry, which is a more permanent solution.  Once in awhile, patients can get the Botox covered by insurance, but that would have to be discussed with your physician and your insurance company.

  The MiraDry uses microwave technology to permanently reduce sweating and also has the great side effect of getting rid of the hair in the armpits!  Seek a board certified dermatologist near you that has a MiraDry and offers Botox, and discuss your concerns with them.  Best of luck!

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Improving hyperhidrosis with Botox - NEW METHOD!

This is treated with either Botox, Infini, or Miradry for underarm sweating. The ingrown hairs are treated with laser hair removal. Please see the link below because it shows a novel way to get Botox for this problem that is very quick and easy to tolerate.

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How do I treat hyperhidrosis? How to get rid of shaving irritation/bumps/ingrown hair?

well if we are talking about axillary hyperhidrosis or armpit sweating we have a number of options. There is a gradient of treatments from mild to more significant. You may have already tried over the counter medicines or creams to dry up the areas but the patients that come to me are usually so badly affected that these medications are relatively ineffective.

Probably the easiest route now is utilisation of botulinum toxin or Botox to 'pull the plug'; that is to say to remove the ability of the nerves that make the sweat glands sweat from actually working; this process with Botox takes around 3 -7 days to take effect. One has to use a pattern of injections of the Botox into the skin to make sure no areas are left. The effect only last about 4 months but can be very good and relatively simple.

There are of course a number of more aggressive and more long lasting techniques including liposuction under the skin of the armpit, damaging the sweat glands with laser (still a surgical procedure as you have to go into the undersurface of the skin by opening it surgically to gain access to the sweat glands) and finally an operative procedure called the Skoog technique where again the skin is lifted and the sweat glands manually shaved off the undersurface of the skin. The latter procedure will produce more permanent results and can also remove hair follicles for a less hairy armpit skin area.

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