Stopping Enbrel Before Abdominoplasty Surgery?

I am having a TT on June 5 and I take enbrel for psoriatic arthritis. When should I stop it and will it increase my risk of infection. I also have mesh in my stomach from a umbilical hernia repair and the mesh is on top of the rectus abd. What complications do I face. Could someone respond thanks.

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Should you stop Enbrel before Surgery?

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  This is a great question and one that is very important to know before surgery.  You have to make sure that your plastic surgeon knows you are on Enbrel and you should definitely make sure to see your endocrinologist as well.

   The short answer is yes.  You should come off the Enbrel prior to surgery for the safest recovery and post operative course.  You could likely resume the medication once your drains are out about two weeks later.  I recently did a TT on a patient on Enbrel for arthritis and she stopped the medication two weeks prior and did very well.  Good luck.

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Hernia Mesh Repair and Enbrel Effects On A Tummy Tuck

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Enbrel is a medication that can impede healing so it would be very important that you are off it two to three weeks before surgery as well as staying off of it for the same amount of time after surgery. You should let the doctor who placed you on it know of that need well in advance of your surgery. Having mesh from a prior hernia repair does not interfere with having a tummy tuck. Depending upon where it is placed, it may not be possible to perform the muscle plication of the procedure. But the main benefit of most tummy tucks comes from the skin and fat removal anyway so skipping that step of the procedure will have no effect on the final outcome of a much improved stomach contour. 

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