Is Okay if I Stopped Taking Roccutane for a Few Days?

I'm done with my second month since taking the pills, first month the doze was 20 and the second month the doze was 30. I'll meet my doctor after a week, so what shall I do? Shall I stop taking the pills or continue taking 30 ml? Althoug my cholesterol blood is HDL. 2.20 mmol/L 85.05 mg/dl LDL. 3.2 mmol/L 122.55 mg/dl Triglycerides. 0.61 mmol/L 53.38 mg/dl My wight is 55 kg

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Accutane courses are a few months long

Most Accutane courses are at least a few months, if not more. Continue taking what was last prescribed until you see your physician again in a week or so. The purpose of a course of Accutane is to get the proper mg into your body to combat the type, location, and severity of your acne, taking your weight into account. Two months is a very minimal course so I'm assuming your physician plans to have you on the medication longer and you should continue at this dosage until you see him/her and get the next Rx.

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