Should I Stop Taking my Birth Control Pills Before my Breast Reduction Surgery?

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Birth control

This is an important question. Birth control pills can increase your risk for clotting especially in the first several months. I would discuss this issue at length with your gynecologist and plastic surgeon for specific recommendations tailored to you and the procedures performed.

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Stopping Oral Contraceptives prior to Breast Surgery?

Thank you for the question.

 You will find that every plastic surgeon has different thoughts regarding this issue. Therefore, to avoid confusion it will be best for you to check with your chosen plastic surgeon. Do make sure that you let your plastic surgeon know about the medications you are taking.

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Birth Control Pills and Surgery


One of the risks of any surgery is deep vein thrombosis (leg vein clots) with dislodgement of a clot that goes to the lung as a pulmonary embolus. This can cut off the normal blood flow to the lungs and cause death. Although this problem is unusual, anything you can do to reduce it is always a good idea. Birth control pills increase this risk. Therefore, if possible, stopping the birth control pills for a month before and after surgery is ideal. You must, however, consider the risks of getting pregnant when you decide to do this. You should also tell your surgeon about the birth control pills so other prophylactic measures, such as leg compressive devices, can be used if they are not routine.


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