When Should I Stop Laser Hair Removal Treatments?

I'v been 10 times since Dec. 2007 for laser treatments and been using Light Sheer. First 8 sessions were after 6 weeks regularly and last two in half a year or 8 months. Hair is only lighter and thinner but the same lenght and didn't become very much rear. Can I bleach it between the sessions and pluck it (since I dont go every 6weeks) and then 4 weeks before only to shave it? How many more sessions do I need cos it seems endless? O, and my skin is very fair and hair is/was very dark and thick!

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Laser hair removal

maybe the energy settings need to be higher, especially if you have light skin and dark hair. There should be a little redness and litttle swelling around the hair follicle at the end of the treatment. you should see some singing of the top of the hair shaft after the laser. It is Ok to pluck as long as you don't for the month prior to laser and then shave. If your energy settings previously given were too conservative, then you may need 8 or more treatments with a newer setting.

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