How Do I Stop Lactation and Get a Breast Reduction?

I have been lactating for three years and my breasts went from a 32c to a 32E. I have had every hormone, thyroid, MRI for my pituitary gland, etc and all are normal. My estrogen is high and prolactin level however, there is nothing "wrong" with me. I have been trying everything to get it to stop however, nothing has worked I am going to get a breast reduction surgery and was wondering if there was a way to stop lactation for the surgery. Can a surgeon do something to stop this for good?

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Lactation and Breast Reduction?

Thank you for the question.

It will be in your best interests to continue to seek a cause and treatment for the ongoing lactation. Additional consultations with OB/GYN and/or endocrinologists  may be necessary. Undergoing breast reduction surgery while still lactating will increase your risk of complications.  Best wishes.


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Lactation and Breast Reduction

Three years is a long time to have lactation without an identified cause. Unfortunately, I would advise against any breast reduction surgery until the cause of your lactation is identified. Breast reduction surgery will not likely change your lactation issues and may interfere with the success of the surgery as well.  I'm sure you have gone through a gambit of tests, but hopefully you won't have to go through a gambit of doctors to find the answer as well. Best of luck to you.

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How Do I Stop Lactation and Get a Breast Reduction?

Dr Wallach is correct seek GYN or endocrine doc to treat lactation issues. 3 years quite a long issue, you may have other problems associated with this prolonged lactation. 

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Lactation and surgery

You should really ahve it evaluated by an endocrinologist before having surgery. A surgeon can not shut down the milk production, and it can interfere with surgery.

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