How do I stop gum bleeding?

Dear Doctor, My gum started bleeding a few days ago after I stop take vitamin C tablets everyday. I had a cold last week so I purchased some vitamin C tablets(1000mg) to take. But after my cold has gone, I stoped taking vitamin C which gives me bleeding gum. I went to the dentist last month for a proper cleaning and I brush my teeth twice everyday. I don't think the bleeding has anything to do with my personal hygiene. What can I do now?

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Vitamin C and Gum Disease

Hi Yvonne....I think there is a connection between stopping vitamin c and your bleeding gums. Maybe you should make sure you have enough vitamin C intake in foods such as cantaloupe, oranges, kiwi, strawberries and mango. Take extra Vitamin C for awhile and check with your dentist and mention the bleeding and see what he says.

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