I Can't Stop Gaining Weight Since I've Had Smart Lipo Almost 4 Weeks Ago?

I had smartlipo on my thighs 4 weeks ago. The surgeon said he removed 250cc on each thigh. I weighed 64kg the morning before the operation (which was my period weight as I am usually 62kg) and since the operation my weight tends to be all over the place. Some days I am 62 Kg, the day after I am 66 Kg. However, my legs look much nicer, but I do feel swollen with water. I am very careful with my diet and I've even gone back to the gym. Is it normal and is it worth dieting at the moment? Thx

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You are still swollen 4 weeks after Smartlipo

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Day by day fluctuations of a couple of kg are almost certainly due to water weight. You had 500cc removed total.  That was probably a combination of fluid and fat but even if it was all fat you would only have lost 1/2 kg of body weight.  The fact that you were 2 kg up the day after surgery indicates that you were swollen and retaining fluid.  That is very normal.  You are undoubtably still swollen at one month after surgery.  However, it is still a good time to diet and exercise to maximize your result.

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