Is Big Stomach a Permanent or a Temporary Result After Tummy Tuck?

I had a TT 3 mnths ago, Iam 160lb and 5'8", Post op my belly is much larger than I expected.I am worried is it permanent? When I touch the top it ripples, I feel fat. I had no lipo as it was NHS, saw surgeon one month after the op and he told me that the skin was thick. I'm very unhappy.

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Lax Muscle

Not sure what NHS means but this is an unusual post op look for a tummy tuck.  There still is laxity of abdominal wall.  Did you have muscular repair.  If you did not have muscular repair then this is what the result should be.  I very rarely perform skin only abdominoplasty.

Revisit with your surgeon.

Dr. ES

big stomach a permanent or a temporary result after tummy tuck

Appears you had no muscular repair. Remember you get what you don't pay for. seek additional opinions.

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The Results of a Tummy Tuck at 3 months are close to Mature

As Americans I cannot conceive of our government paying for a cosmetic procedure (IE Tummy Tuck) and do not know if the British NHS does either, Your result is consistent with a Panniculectomy (Apron Resection) where the tummy skin overhang is removed without muscle tightening or relocation of the belly button. You may wish to ask your surgeon or look at the operative note if the six pack muscles (rectus) were tightened. That would largely answer your question..

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