Is dental bonding possible on teeth with low enamel?

For 10 years I have had the gap in my two front teeth filled with white fillings. I would now like to go to a cosmetic dentist to get the gap bonded. My dentist said that he doesn't think thats a good idea as the enamel on my teeth has worn away over the many years of fillings on the tooth. Am I still a candidate for dental bonding?

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Is bonding possible on teeth with low enamel?

Bonding would still be possible, but the bond is strongest on enamel.  You would need to be aware that the restoration would probably not last as long and might need to be redone.  Porcelain veneers are also strongest when bonded to enamel, so they would present the same problem.  The only sure long term solution would be crowns, but they require a lot of removal of healthy tooth structure.  Hard to give advice without a photo, but I would give bonding a try.

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Dental Bonding

I think your dentist is right if enamel on your teeth has worn away then there is no need of tooth bonding. Rest it is not possible to give proper advice without seeing your teeth.

Shahin Safarian, DMD
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