I have done a Vaser liposuction one year ago and I don't like the loose skin. What can I do to make it look better?

I'd done Vader lipo one year ago I'm not happy whit the result because my skin is loose and still looks fat. I went to another doctor to see if he can do something to help me to improve my shape but he said the can be risky and look even worse. So can somebody help me and let me know if Coolsculping or another procedure can help to tone my skin and reduce sizes, thanks for your time and help

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Loose skin after liposuction

Loose skin after liposuction can be addressed using various methods depending on your expectations, downtime, budget and the area to be treated. 

Non invasive treatments would include ultherapy or ultraformer. Minimally invasive treatments would include vaser liposuction. A more invasive procedure would be to cut the excessive skin out, for example a tummy tuck. 

Cool sculpting does not help tighten loose skin. 

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Loose skin after liposuction

Skin laxity after liposuction should be fairly predictable but anyone who is highly experienced at this procedure.

You have not described where you had liposuction or where the skin laxity is.

With the firm in a certainty I can tell you that cool sculpting it's not the answer.

Cool sculpting has a marginal efficacy at removing fat which according to what you've said major skin worse.

If you have skin laxity of your abdomen than a abdominoplasty May be an option.

In person consultations will give you an accurate assessment while posting vague questions without pictures on real self will not.


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Loose skin after VASER - consider Exilis Elite


without photos its difficult to advise you accurately, but if revision surgery has been considered too risky for you, then you may want to consider non-invasive Radiofrequency treatments for fat reduction and skin tightening. In my practice we use the BTL Exilis Elite system to good effect. Maybe ask your surgeon about those.

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VASER HI DEF 4D LIPO / 360 Degree Liposculpture / Body Contouring / HD Sculpting With Fat Transfer To Buttock / BBL

please post photos, you may need skin tightening treatments or skin removal with revision liposuction to truly get a 4D Contouring VASER Hi DEF look.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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