How to fix my teeth gap please! (photos)

I have straight teeth but I have this gap in both side of my long would it take to close it?? Do I need to wear braces or invisalign??? I need your advice please thanks..!

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Teeth Gaps

Nice pics!
You have slender front teeth. There is nothing wrong with that, as long as there are no spaces between them.
It looks like your lower teeth are hitting up behind your upper front teeth, forcing the upper teeth outward - particularly on the right side.
With slender teeth and the lower jaw forcing the uppers outward, the spaces should be addressed as a whole mouth issue. Orthodontic treatment to bring the lowers in and the uppers together, will eliminate the spaces.
An alternate treatment would be to do the ortho on the lowers only, and then create porcelain veneers for the uppers. This alternate plan would give you more normal sized teeth on the uppers and eliminate some of the force from the lower arch.
These are simply ideas. See your dentist for a full evaluation and treatment plan!

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Braces, Invisalign or Cosmetic Dentistry?

Hi There!  

Of all the options you have, Invisalign is our favorite.  And what I would definitely recommend for you.  It is the most conservative, the longest lasting (if done properly and maintained after treatment) and often the least expensive.  You seem young from your pictures so look for a Premier or Elite Invisalign provider in your area. As to how looks like 6-12 months depending on other teeth/problems to correct in your mouth that are not visible in the photos you sent.  You will be happy you did this!  (I have included a link to a patient with minor can see what a difference it makes to have Invisalign done.)  Good luck!

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Cosmetic options do exist to close the gaps that you have, using bonding or veneers. However in your case I would recommend for you to consider clear aligners, like the invisalign product; alternatively braces would work as well, however Invislaign would be more esthetic!

I am confident your results will look amazing!
All the best,

Navid Zamani, DMD
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