Is my desired outcome realistic given this current result of open rhinoplasty to the tip? 1 week post op. (photos)

I had the bandages (no splint) taken off yesterday and was shocked that I t is much worse than before. My goal was to decrease the projection (about 2 mm), resolving a slight asymmetry. No work was done to the bridge, nostrils... I wanted my nose, slightly refined. Now I am very scared - my right nostril is very elevated, my left is raised but less than the right, my nose seems drooping and overall round. Is there any way this will resolve as swelling subsides?

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Rhinoplasty at one week

At one week, you are going to have a lot of swelling. It is going to  take many  months for the swelling to dissipate and for you to see the final result.

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Post-rhinoplasty recovery

Judging the outcome of a rhinoplasty 1 week after surgery is like looking in the oven 2 minutes after putting in cake batter and being disappointed that the cake isn't baked.  Swelling is normal and completely expected after surgery, and tends to increase a bit after dressings are removed.  Swelling often caused the nasal tip to appear upturned and rounded, and can certainly cause some nostril asymmetry.  While the first few months bring greatest resolution of swelling, it usually takes a year to a year-and-a-half for the nose to settle down fully, especially the tip with its relatively thick skin.  Your photos suggest a proper healing course, and you should expect greater definition of your nasal structures as swelling subsides in the next few months.
It's completely normal and common to have anxiety after surgery--especially elective, cosmetic surgery--but do your best to keep a positive attitude while you heal.  Keep a close follow-up with your surgeon, and trust him to take good care of you.  Good luck in your recovery!

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